Why Choose Us

We have all the requirements of the software industry.

Security & Performance

We take all security measures in all layers of the software. Afterwards, we apply specific security tests to each layer. After security tests, we make sure that the software works optimally by applying performance tests.


All operations and/or software, including communication, are carried out in accordance with data protection regulations such as GDPR and KVKK. NDA is signed with the companies we work with.

Knowledge & Experience

We have knowledge and experience in many areas such as corporate companies, individual solutions and the gaming industry. We are professionally versed in software development methodologies such as Agile and CI/CD.

Advanced Enterprise Solutions

We can offer you special solutions by developing many corporate management tools such as product, production, order and fleet management. All software developed within the scope of the project is designed according to the needs of your company. We use new generation technologies when producing solutions and always aim for the best.

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Advanced Individual Solutions

We also offer all the solutions we offer for corporate companies for individuals or very small businesses. The most critical point of the solutions we offer is to grow the individual/company!

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What We Offer

We produce solutions for the gaming industry, individual and corporate customers.

The Nefargad

The Nefargad is a thriller, horror, puzzle, and storytelling game that offers a true first-person perspective. The game narrates the story of an archaeologist named Mert, who is kidnapped and imprisoned in a dungeon and his efforts to escape. Developed with Unreal Engine 5, The Nefargad brings a new breath to the Turkish gaming industry with the dynamic game atmosphere it offers.

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Completed and delivered projects


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More than 10 million lines of code


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Frequently Asked Questions

The fundamental purpose of software, both in individual and corporate solutions, is to expand your goals. Software positively affects your or your employees' performance in the business environment. When the right places in your workflow are identified and supported by software, your expenses decrease, your income increases, and customer happiness is affected positively.

They are software with a strong infrastructure that can provide high-capacity management and reporting services in corporate companies. For small or medium-sized companies, these are smaller but scalable software according to the needs of the company.

They are software that provides solutions for the needs of individuals or very small businesses. The main purpose is to automate the repetitive tasks of the individual/company and increase the performance of the individual/company.

A software must successfully pass tests such as security, stability, user experience and quality. In addition, the scalability of the software ensures that future growth can be fully realized.

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